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Washing and Grooming

Grooming is an important part of pet care. Depending on the breed, age,and health of your pet, grooming may even need to be a part of you and your pet’s daily routine. Many breeds require less grooming than this, but regular grooming always helps to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.  

Oasis Pet Styling

We have a professional and dedicated dog groomer who attends the clinic on a MONDAY by appointment, as an extention of their 5 star Pet Grooming Salon in Singleton. Head over to the Oasis Pet Styling website to check out their fanstastic packages and services or call 0427 580 507 to book an appointment.

Our DIY Service

Pamper your pet yourself with our DIY service which gives you access to our grooming room, warm water bath, towels, blow dryer, shampoos/conditioners and brushes.

Price $7.50

Our Clipping Services


We offer a styled cat clips (lion cut, dragon cut, etc) 

Price $65 (includes sedation)

Before and After shots of our beautiful clinic cat Wallace and his new Lion cut.

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